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The business plan today is a system of evidence of business success and the main argument for investors and the owners themselves.

A business plan is intended for two user groups:

Internal (initiator of a business idea, founders and company staff)

External (potential investors, lenders, partners)

In the first case, the entrepreneur assesses the financial viability of the business invented (run), in the other case, it is necessary to convince others of the business performance.

In any case, when developing the business plan, it is necessary to consider and balance the interests of all parties involved:

The modern typology contains the following types of business plans:

A complete business plan of a commercial idea or investment project is a presentation of the results of marketing research for a potential partner or investor, substantiation of a market development strategy, expected results

Concept of a business plan of a commercial idea or investment project is the basis for negotiations with a potential investor or partner to find out the degree of their interest or opportunities for involvement in the project

Business plan of the company (business unit) is a statement of the prospects for the development of the company (unit) for the upcoming planning period

Business plan as an application for a loan – for obtaining, on a commercial basis, borrowed funds from a lending organization

Business plan as an application for targeted government support

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